Stop Condensation at the Source

  • NoZwet – is ideal for hardened aircraft shelters and other frameless design buildings as well as warehouses, indoor sports facilities, cold storage and shipping containers.

  • NoZwet – can be applied to most roofing including single-skin, twin-skin, metal, or aluminum.

NoZwet has been utilized on 54 US Air Force buildings and international Bases, including 3000 square meter hangars housing TR1’s, U2’s and SR71 Blackbirds.


Application In Railway Shed

Container Application

How NoZwet Works

When moisture laden air comes in contact with a cooler surface, at or below the dew point, it condenses the water, usually producing droplets.

A NoZwet coating increases the surface area and provides a warmer surface in contact with the air, making it more difficult for condensation to form. When conditions become extreme enough that condensation does form, the NoZwet coated surface absorbs the water before reaching the droplet stage.

As NoZwet absorbs moisture, capillary action within the highly textured surface allows for rapid evaporation back into the atmosphere. NoZwet’s textured coating increases the drying are by at least 15-20 times that of an uncoated surface.

NoZwet also contains a highly efficient fungicide to protect the surface from contamination by mold and fungal growth. Providing a cleaner and healthier environment for storage.

Protect Against Damage

On low-pitched, un-insulated roofs, droplets can remain on the ceiling for long periods. Surface tension and hydrogen bonding make evaporation difficult. Excess condensation damages surfaces and causes drips that damage goods and equipment stored within.

In some instances the ensuing rust build up can seriously compromise electrical fittings and the structural integrity of the surrounding area.

An application of NoZwet anti-condensation coating can prevent this damage and will result in a clean, protected, moisture resistant surface making an ideal storage environment.

Interior Condensation and Resulting Hazards

Single skin steel and aluminum roofs always have the capacity to condense and drip resulting in standing water beneath. Dripping condensate can cost millions every year through damage to electrical wiring and components, fire alarm and safety systems, and can cause premature corrosion of the building structure itself. In warehouse buildings that drip, condensate may result in significant insurance claims and even lawsuits. Standing water or resulting ice patches create a hazardous and potentially dangerous working environment. On some surfaces condensation creates ideal conditions for mold growth that can cause health hazards for personnel.

National Defense Applications

Aircraft hangars and hardened aircraft shelters are the staple of national air forces worldwide. All face similar problems when it comes to condensation regardless of location or climate. Often stored outside, aircraft regularly undergo maintenance inside buildings such as these. Excess moisture can damage valuable electronics and maintenance equipment as well as engine components and avionics systems undergoing maintenance.

Military forces around the world face an even greater challenge in the storage of ammunition and explosives. The effects of moisture and condensation can render many types of munitions unusable, creating hazardous unforeseen circumstances.

The building was opened in 1986, and until we replaced it in 2002 with a traditionally built centre and four indoor courts, remarkably we never experienced a single drop of condensation, which I confess I never truly believed was possible. It is fair to say, the building was never ideal without the insulation, being excessively hot in summer and freezing in winter, but perhaps it adds to my testimony of the merits of NOZwet, which incidentally, never needed respraying.
Stephen Hitch, President- South Devon Tennis Centre and Retired Architect.

Applications for NoZwet

  • Metal Roofed Buildings of All Types
  • Exterior Cold Store Surrounds
  • Sports and Event Venues
  • Warehouses and Factories
  • Cellular and Radio Transmission Tower Support Buildings
  • Vehicle Garages
  • Personnel Shelters
  • Bunkers and Concrete Roofed Buildings
  • Submarine Pens
  • Storage and Shipping Containers
  • Ammunition Storage Shelters
  • Hangars and Hardened Aircraft Shelters
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